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System crash while using Pcommserver library trough MATLAB


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Hi everyone


We are facing a situation in our system that we couldn't figure it out why is happening. We have been running series of commands Using the pcommserver library in MATLAB and system was fine so far. our system is consist of 5 motors which all of them introduced correctly in the coordinate system . I have been running experiments for couple of months with the system with the following steps in a command loop.


- open communications

- clear the memory if there is any old data in it

- download the new .PMC file

- Enable the motors

- Run the programs inside the .PMC file

- using the JOG commands for 2 coordinate system

- Disable motors , close all the communication interface


this was working fine and I had run this for more than 1000 runs just using 4 active coordinates. The problem starts when we introduce the fifth motor to our loop. For the first iteration in the loop everything works fine , but for the second iteration , the system will crash .


We tried to narrow down the possible problems .The thing is that , I can do all commands over and over manually into the pwin32pro2 and the system works fine ,But I can not make it work using the Pcommserver library in Matlab.


Please let me know what you think about this problem , and if you have any recommendations ?


Thanks in Advance


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