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read motor velocity


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Hi Sir,


I notice inside the PcommServer Manual there is a method GetVelocity() and GetNetActualPosition(). But Inside the library (my version is 1.0), I can see the GetNetActualPosition() but I CAN NOT See GetVelocity(). How do I read the velocity of the motor in Turbo Clippper (i am a bit confuse on the calculation)? what method should I use to read the velocity?

Could you please explain or give some example on the formula?

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my apologize. I look in the VSE 2010 COM reference is show PCom lib 1.0 so I though is 1.0. In the properties window is show

So, what would you suggest me on how to read the velocity?

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Yup...this what i am currently do. P for position and V for velocity But i dont why my UI will pop error on invalid data received on the velocity value after a few second. I am still debuging the UI, perhap it is because of my mistake on the calculation. By the way, could u please provide me the formula to calculate velocity based on the data received by using getresponse(#1V)?? i am sorry tat i am a bit confuse on what is explain in the manual.


Because of the problem, i thinking of using other method then i found out the DPRam method. Unfortunately, it is removed. Thank you

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