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Potential Bug in dkill/ddisable When BrakeOn/OffDelay is 0.


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We've noticed some alarming behavior when issuing the dkill command in firmware version When issued while BrakeOnDelay is set to 0, the command does not consistently turn brakes on or off nor always open the servo loop.


This results in I2T faults immediately upon issue of a dkill in the case where the loop remains closed as the brakes fight the servo loop.


At other times the brakes are left on when re-closing the servo loop resulting in the same I2T fault.


I've not been able to reproduce this when BrakeOnDelay or BrakeOffDelay is set to *any* value, including non-realistic small numbers such as 1 ms.

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Thank you for finding and reporting this issue.


The logic gets out of sequence if the delay is already "over" when the algorithm begins.


We have fixed the logic and it will be part of the next maintenance release, scheduled for this summer. If you want a pre-release version with the fix sooner, contact tech support.

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