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Firmware upgrade procedure


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I would like to upgrade the firmware of our PMAC and looked through the manual a bit for a procedure, but didn't find one. Does anyone have a procedure?


Is there anything special that I need to do before upgrading the firmware? I'm assuming that I will need to reupload the configuration file? Will I need to recompile the custom C program that I have running on the PMAC?




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This is described in the IDE manual in the section "Download Firmware":

http://forums.deltatau.com/filedepot/download.php?f=Power%20PMAC/Manuals/Power%20PMAC%20IDE.pdf [FILE REMOVED]


Updating the firmware will clear PMAC to factory reset. Make sure you have a complete save of your project in the IDE and PMAC configuration. After a PMAC "save" command "pp_save.cfg" has the complete "static" configuration of the PMAC. It would be best to copy pp_save.cfg to a custom configuration file in the "Configuration" folder as part of your project. You can then download the configuration after updating the firmware and then "build and Download" your full project restoring your script and C-code.

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Hi everyone,


How can one upgrade firmware using command lines?


Say, given the latest firmware file which is now, I need to know what to command through Telnet to upgrade the firmware. I need to know which folder in Linux should I move the .deb file and the rest of the files.



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