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C# application slow responce


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Hi Sir,


I would like to ask for some advice on a c# application. What I encounter is my application run slow response. For example, I click a button that getresponxe(#1J+). after that, the motor is not move immediately, after 1 or 2 sec the motor start to move. This is my problem.


FYI, when I run my c# application while I connecting my pmac with PEWIN32Pro software, my application run smoothly. The minute I click button to jog, the motor run immediately. Application consist of 2 thread: 1 for pos, vel and motor status (thread run all the time in 100 delay every cycle), 2 for handle button event for jog motor increment and abs.


Do you guy have any idea? thank you.

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It has to be something in your C# code, then. Please post relevant code snippets. You could also email technical support with the snippets instead.



I have found the reason why my application is lagging. I change


pmacdoc.SelectDevice((int)this.Handle, out dwDevice, out bSuccess);




pmacdoc.SelectDevice(0, out dwDevice, out bSuccess);


And it solve the problem. Everthings running good now.

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