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Uploading Motion Programs


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I am using PComm32Pro2 on Windows Server 2008 (32 bit) and I am programming in Visual Basic .Net 2008.


Can anybody tell me how to upload large motion program or PLC program in my application ? I tried using:


command = "LISTPROG11"

PmacDoc.GetResponseEx(PMAC_DEVICE, command, False, resp, pStat)


However, if I try this 10 times, 5 or 6 times the response is empty string.

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I am in debug mode in Visual Basic .Net 2008. In that, I can see the contents of a string when I use the break point. When the response contains the program listing, I can see that. When the response is empty string, I can see that too.
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I would guess that perhaps something is interrupting your network communication. How are you talking to PMAC? Are you connected directly through a crossover cable from your computer? Are you talking over a switch, and if so, are multiple PMACs communicating? Or are you using USB?


This is the snippet I use for communication is below. I just tested it with Command= "list prog 11" and it works every time:


  string sRetVal = string.Empty; // String to store the response from PMAC
 int IStatus = 0; // Status of the GetResponseEx command
      Pmac.GetResponseEx(IdeviceNum, Command, true, out sRetVal, out IStatus); // Send Command to PMAC
  //    textBox2.Text = sRetVal; // Print the response as a text string on the form (e.g. on textBox2)

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I am communicating over ethernet and there are multiple UMAC's connected, every one with different device number and different IP address.


It seems from your communication that "GetResponseEx" is the correct command from the library to upload large programs.


I will work on this further. Thank you for your support.

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