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I am having a problem with implementing hand wheel control on one of our customers machines.


The machine is using a PMAC Brick controller. A hand wheel is connected to an axis channel on the Brick. I am using Ixx6=1 to engage the master.


A problem occurs when we are slaved and move the master axis. Of course the slave follows and this works well. However when we disengage the slave from the master, and execute a motion program, the axis that was slaved moves the amount loaded into the master position register, then it moves and executes the program as it should.


We tried to zero the master position register of the slaved axis; this causes the axis to move abruptly to the original position.


We have tried executing the PMATCH command from within our PLC and this doesn’t seem to do anything.


Can we manipulate the MXX61..64 variables to eliminate this unwanted motion? Do you have any suggestions on how we should implement this hand wheel so that when we disengage it and run a program the programs run normally.

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I am wondering if you should have Ixx06=3 for offset mode. That way, the axis position will not change (physically, it will) due to following, and it should not make the undesired move at the beginning of the motion program.
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Ixx06 doesn't work. Extra motion is added when the program is started. I basically want to switch to a mode where I can use the hand wheel to precisely position an axis and then exit this mode. Any motion that occurred with the hand wheel will be forgotten. In other words, when I return to the normal run mode and start the program, the axis moved by the hand wheel will return on path. motion added by the hand wheel is removed and the program will resume as normal.


Is the approach I am taking the wrong one. Someone mentioned using jog commands to accomplish this positioning. I know jog would work correctly but I don't quite know how to program hand wheel motion using jog commands.

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