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acceleration limits for PVT


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With PowerPmac you should be able to activate multiblock lookahead. This is from page 689 of the ppmac usermanual Jan 6 2015.


Lookahead with PVT Moves

The trajectories from PVT mode moves can be passed through the special lookahead buffer for

dynamic limiting, just as those from linear and circle mode moves are, if the coordinate system is

in segmentation mode (Coord[x].SegMoveTime > 0). Each segment derived from the

commanded PVT mode move is checked for possible violations of position, velocity, and

acceleration limits for every motor, and the time for the segment is extended if necessary to avoid

exceeding any of these limits. As with linear and circle mode moves, the path generated is not

changed, only the speed at which the path is traversed is.

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