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immediate amp fault and hardware limit


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This is my first time working with a power brick LV and when I'm tuning the motor, I immediately get an amp fault and hardware limit whem I accept the hardware interface.


I filled out the specs of the motor with educated guessing because the company doesn't have any documentation on the motors.


What could be the problem?

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It probably has nothing to do with what you entered in the motor data as this would usually not create a fault until the testing phase or at least until the safety phase when the i2t data is entered into the parameter set.


My guess would be you have not connected any hardware limits but in the hardware interface page you did not select "disabled" for the hardware limits interface.


This does not explain the amp fault however. What does the 7-segment display on the unit show? Maybe you changed the amp fault polarity on the page from the default? Or maybe you have not jumpered the abort circuit?

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The 7-segment has a solid dot, so The power brick says its working fine. I haven't changed the amp fault polarity, but i haven't jumered the global abort. When I set sys.pAbortAll to 0, I try the detect current sensor detection is fails and says:


The PWM outputs of the amplifier don't match the ADC feedback lines!

I guess ADC is for analog feedback but this motor doesn't have it, it has an encoder. Can I disable it?


The last test: Measure DAC bias value returns an error with this:

Motor[1].PhaseCtrl=4 is not supported.

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Is this a brush motor?

If you're not able to use the system setup successfully then I suggest following the step by step motor setup in the manual.


Yes it is a brush motor, but when I use the step by step motor setup, I still get an amplifier fault when the motor runs.


If I turn the safety off it works, so I guess the safety turns the amp off in prevention of overheating, but I filled out the values of the motor correctly and it doesn't heat up or anything when I run it for a while without protection

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