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"Project is too old" error


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Power PMAC IDE (


"Project is too old for for converstion [sic], please upgrade your project manually, by creating a new project and transferring all your files to a new project"



We are unable to share any projects between two computers because of this problems. The project resides on a company network. Both computers are running the same IDE How can I share project files without creating a new project every time?


It's incredibly frustrating.

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What version of the IDE was used to create the project?


Power PMAC IDE (


Our current workaround has been to copy the project from the network. Work on it locally. Then recopy it back to the network when we are done. It doesn't seem to trip this error unless we try to open the project from the network. We will be migrating the project to Git for source control, which would behave like the copy/recopy method.

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I see this on corrupted ppproj files.


I don't know about Git but SVN causes this error for me! I get the project too old message when the ppproj file gets a conflict merge from SVN (this happens every time another user commits). The merge ends up like:


<<<<<<< .mine
||||||| .r64919
>>>>>>> .r65041


Spelling errors aside this is unavoidable when mixing project based parameters with user based ones. I really hope these are separated out in the October release as it makes version control a pain...

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