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What is motors commutation


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I'm a student and i try to configure POWER BRICK AC used in direct PWM mode.

i know what are position loop, velocity loop and current loop, but:

what is PHASE COMMUTATION of a motor in simple words?

Why is essential close Phase commutation loop?

And How a position feedback (quadrature encoder) can be used for a phase commutation loop as commutation feedback?


understand what commutation loop means is important for me in order to configure

commutation size.


Sorry for the trivial question :-).


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This is the method to provide the proper current flow in the motor phases to produce a rotating magnetic field. This in turn will cause the magnets in the rotor of the motor to spin. This must be done from a known starting position to be synchronized with the orientation of the windings of the motor - this is called "phasing finding" of the motor.


The "current loop" provides a method to produce stable current output for a given torque command.


I would recommend checking out a reference on motor design or some of the many articles on the WEB describing "Motor Commutation".


The technical details are not required for stable setup of this as this is done by our "Motor Setup" in the IDE and also the step by step procedures in the PMAC documentation.

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