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Symptoms of a soft watchdog


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I'm trying to debug some behavior on our power PMAC and my hypothesis is that we're experiencing a soft watchdog trip. I know that I could check the Sys.WDTFault bits but I found this after I did a reboot.


Here are the symptoms that I see:

1) The encoders jump to a bogus position that is off at nowhere.

2) The velocities, following error, and encoder positions all freeze.

3) It seems that the background programs are still running.

4) The ssh terminal still works and to recover I have to do a reboot.


Has anyone experienced this before? Does this sound like a soft watchdog trip?




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This does have the appearance of a soft watchdog trip. On the occurrence of a soft watchdog:

1. All motion programs are aborted

2. All motors are killed (open-loop, zero output, amplifier disabled)

3. All interface ASICs are locked into “reset” and turns off:

a. all discrete outputs

b. amplifier enables

c. all command outputs (DAC, PWM, PFM) to zero .

Power PMAC can still execute PLC programs (and Linux programs) and communicate with the host computer.

It is best to monitor the bit in Sys.WDTFault.

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