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Following error calculation


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I'm running my own servo loop with setpoint generator, and because I choose the destination position from the P variable TarPos and not from Motor[1].DesPos, the following error does not work normaly. Now I change Motor[1].MasterPos to the output of my setpoint generator before the PID controller to keep the following error correct. This works when I keep changing the value of Motor[1].DesPos to the value of Motor[1].ActPos.

Now I have a correctly working following error, but I have a problem.


Sometimes when I run my program and the motor is on the correct position (ActPos == DesPos && ActPos == TarPos), I still get a following error.

The Power Pmac User Manual says:

Motor[x].PosError = Following error (DesPos – ActPos)

But changing MasterPos changes the result in the following error.

So I would like to know what the calculation is for the following error, so I can check the other values in my program which change the final value.

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My instinct is that this is not the correct approach. I strongly recommend allowing PMAC to handle the following error calculation natively. Putting set points into the servo algorithm is virtually never done unless you have a complex MIMO design -- set points are generally inputs to the servo algorithm only.


One way users have generated their own setpoints "dynamically" with success is simply issuing a discrete series of Jog commands with small time-spacing. PMAC will then linearly interpolate with finer points in between your setpoints.

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The net desired position in Motor[x].DesPos is the sum of:

* Trajectory command position in Motor[x].Desired.Pos

* Following position in Motor[x].ActiveMasterPos (possibly slew-rate limited from Motor[x].MasterPos)

* Compensation command position in Motor[x].CompDesPos


The net actual position in Motor[x].ActPos is the sum of:

* Raw measured position in Motor[x].Pos

* Compensation position in Motor[x].CompPos

* Backlash position in Motor[x].BlCompSize (depending on direction)


The following error in Motor[x].PosError is the difference between NET desired and actual positions.

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