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How can I get ppmacTarget for R2015b?

Aisyah Azizan

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I tried to install the Power PMAC Target on MATLAB(R2015b) but the installer said:

error>> PPMAC Target file version is not matched with MATLAB version.

Please contact Delta Tau for appropriate PPMAC Target file.


However the instructions wrote like this:

This version of MATLAB component for Power PMAC (ppmacTarget) works properly with...

-- 32 bit or 64bit windows platforms only,

-- MATLAB 2012a,

-- Power PMAC IDE version dated 7/23/2012 or later,

-- and Power PMAC firmware version or later.


1)Is the ppmacTarget only applicable in R2012a?

2)Or how can I get ppmacTarget for R2015b?


Please help me.

Thank you in advance.

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2015b is compatible with our software in the newest installation of the IDE.


What is your IDE version, firmware version, and Windows version and bit version (e.g. Windows 10 64-bit)?




Thank you for the information. However currently the ppmacTarget file under R2013b file could not be used in my R2015b.


IDE version:

Firmware version:

Windows version: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit


Thank you.

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Hi Brad,


It was added recently, and I am not sure of the exact version. Any build from this week (week of Feb 1) should have it and it will definitely be in the next publicly released build.


If you (Brad or Aisyah) need, we can send you the folder containing the necessary files to make the IDE work with MATLAB 2015b. Just please send an email to support AT deltatau DOT com with a note indicating thus and we can reply with the folder as a zipped attachment.


Note: moved this post to the Power PMAC forum.

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