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In Turbo PMAC Users Manual, page 329, we have some example G-codes.

Basically G-codes are implemented by user, and user can choose whatever function they want in a specific G-code.

Once you have you G-codes, you don't need to activate them.

They are automatically recognized in a motion program, and you can use them directly.

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If you are working within the PMAC NC PRO2 environment you must enable user g-codes through the Windows registry, otherwise the codes will not pass through the parser. Please refer to the "How to Add/Modify User G, M or T Code" in the PMAC NC Pro2 manual.


I looked in the registry. I did not see the entries mentioned in the manual.

Do you have to add the entries?

see attached registry backup.


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It sounds like your registry was not setup correctly during the initial use of the NC Setup application. I can send you the proper default registry setup via email.


Still having some issues. I'm tying to use G61.1 Xxxx Yxxx Zxxx Bxxx Dxxx Rxxx Fxxx

The code is running but the NC is not passing all the variables.

I copied all the passed vales for debugging.

I'm not getting X Y Z D R values.


Here is my code:



; G61.1





VS_GGROUP9_1_M == 81

; check for X,Z,D,F is passed


;IF(Q100 & $2 > 0 AND Q100 & $8 >0 AND Q100 & $20 > 0 AND Q100 & $1000000 > 0 AND Q100 & $800000 > 0 AND Q100 & $2000000 > 0)

Bcalc = B_ARG_Q +90

Btemp = B_ARG_Q

Xtemp = X_ARG_Q

Ytemp = Y_ARG_Q

Ztemp = Z_ARG_Q

Rtemp = R_ARG_Q

Dtemp = D_ARG_Q

X_POS = X_ARG_Q - (SIN(Bcalc) * D_ARG_Q)

Z_POS = Z_ARG_Q - (D_ARG_Q - (COS(Bcalc) * D_ARG_Q))

IF(Q100 & $20000 > 0) ; R word passed a offset is used

P1722 = R_ARG_Q

X_POS = X_POS - ((SIN(Bcalc) * R_ARG_Q))

Z_POS = Z_POS + (COS(Bcalc) * R_ARG_Q)



GOSUB 1000






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