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Feed Per Rev Setup


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I need some help setting up the Feed per Rev with the NCpro software.

Here's what I have.


Motor #5 is my spindle. Max speed is 300rpm. I have 270000 cts per rev.

I'm processing the encoder in the encoder conversion table at entry #15

"Timebase conversion with scaled differentiation" The processed data Address is $3515.


Looks like there are some addressing in the OEM.h file that needs to be changed?


Also, The NC setup will not allow a Max rpm of less than 1000. I force this value

in the spindle plc.


Any help would be appreciated.

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The "feed per rev" feature is automatically setup in the generated code by NC Setup. There are many places where this is placed into the code. To do this manually is not recommended nor is it documented. NC Setup should allow the setting for Max RPM. Do you get an error response?


The NC Setup program would not allow a value of 300 in the Max rpm field.


I realize the spindle.plc and override.plc are created automatically by the NC setup.

I don't want to edit them. The address mapping does not seem to be changed in the OEM.h file based on the infomation supplied in the NC Setup program. The Nc setup

program does not ask about the Encoder registry that you are using.

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