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Waiting between stopping motion program and a jog


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I understand that this is not the deltatau recommended thing to do, but in my application, when I'm tracking a target I'm running a motion program with PVT mode and when i want to go to another target thats far away, I first stop the motion program and then I call a jog to accelerate the telescope to the next location.


1) From previous conversations, I believe that immediately after calling a jog, it will take on the current measured acceleration as measured by the encoders as opposed to taking on the command internal trajectory acceleration and propagate that forward according to Jog.Ta and Jog.Ts. Is that correct?


2) Based on your answer to #1, I would like to do a check before calling the jog to make sure that the currently measured acceleration is within certain limits. How would I go about doing this? I guess what I'm asking is that I want to poll the register that the jog uses for its initial acceleration to make sure that it is low enough before calling a jog.


Again, I understand that the recommendation is to use the linear mode and never stop the motion program, but I want to try this first before making a larger change to the motion program.




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You must wait until the program has stopped running or the jog command will be rejected. Use Coord[x].ProgRunning to determine this. Usually the motor will be stopped but it could still be in motion. Power PMAC uses the present commanded position, velocity, acceleration, and jerk of the motor trajectory as the starting state. This should be in the Motor[x].Desired.{Substructure Elements}.
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