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EquWrite in C


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In the example below for writing in a EquWrite value, getting " 'volatile struct ' has no member named 'EquWrite' " on build.


volatile GateArray3 *Gate3IC = GetGate3MemPtr(0);

Gate3IC->Chan[2].EquWrite = 3; // Set EQU state to 1

// delay here

Gate3IC->Chan[2].EquWrite = 1; // Set EQU state to 0


Can you tell me if this particular member is not accessible? The other members work fine.

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Gate3.Chan[j].EquWrite constitutes bits 06 – 07 of the full-word element Gate3.Chan[j].OutCtrl and must be accessed through the full-word element in C as in:


Gate3IC->Chan[j].OutCtrl = Gate3IC->Chan[j].OutCtrl | (EquWriteVal <<6);



Thanks Steve.

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