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Upload configuration error


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I just attempted to update my Power PMAC to the latest version XXX. After downloading and building my project, I attempted to upload my previous configuration (file attached), but I get an error. I had top save as a text file because the forum wouldnt let me attach. I've pasted the output below.


/var/ftp/usrflash/Project/Configuration/042916_simulator_config.cfg:7:18: error #75: Struct Write Error: Sys.CPUTimerIntr=$1

Downloading Configuration Files Failed!


Any idea what could be happening?


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This configuration that I'm trying to load was saved from a working system that was running prior to upgrading the firmware to the newest version. So it has been used before but only on the 1.5.8 firmware.


The hardware that is being used is

Power PC 460 EX

ACC-24E3 x2

ACC-59E3 x1

ACC-14E x1

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Hi Steve,


I'm not sure why we have Sys.CPUTimerIntr = 1 in that config file. I was taking a look at the software manual and I don't think we need it to be a value other than 1. I'm guessing that for firmware 1.5.8 the default isn't Sys.CPUTimerIntr = 1 and so is why when I generate a config file that it lists this setting as a change from the default?


Should I just delete that listing from the config file and attempt to download to the PMAC that is running the newer firmware?


Firmware version 1.6 and higher does not allow for manual use of Sys.CPUTimerIntr.


What was your intent to do this?

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