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Macro program location


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it should be in prog 1000



To handle machine-tool-style G-codes, which provide direct access to part programs created by

CAD/CAM programs, Turbo PMAC treats a Gnn statement as CALL 1000.nn000. The following

values on the line (e.g. X1000) can be treated as parameters to be passed, as for a canned cycle, or the

subprogram can execute without arguments, return, and execute the rest of the line (as for a modal Gcode).

The machine tool designer writes Program 1000 to implement the G-codes as he wishes, allowing

customization and enhancements. Delta Tau provides a sample file implementing all of the standard Gcodes.

M, S, T, and D codes are similarly implemented.

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In the same folder as the main NC program. See the Pro2 NC manual in the section for "Parametric Programming":



Are you saying the same folder as the calling program?

I read the manual. I did not read anywhere its states where to store the called macro program.


See attached error image.


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