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Using PMAC Lite with Entec Winding Machine


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Hello to all,


The company I work for uses a PMAC Lite (602402) to control an Entec composite winding machine that we use to build our fiberglass composite pressure vessels.


After operating normally last month, we went to wind some more vessels a few weeks back and ran into an error.


We spent about 2.5 weeks on the phone with Entec trying to troubleshoot the problem, going over everything that the tech could think of. Finally, he ran out of ideas.


I am posting this here almost as a last resort, as I am trying to find anyone else that has experience using their PMAC in conjunction with an Entec winding machine or the WiMaXII Winding software (not to be confused with the WiFi related WiMax).


If anyone has any experience with this program, I would love to pick your brain and talk out some ideas. Thanks for reading!

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Just an update:


It seems that we have determined what the problem is, but can't seem to figure out what exactly is causing it.


It seems that the PMAC isn't able to dump and fill its rotary buffer, so that when it gets to the end of the few lines of code it does receive, it does not know what to do and "hangs up".


The folks at Entec i've been speaking with are still convinced that the problem is being caused by an incorrect ESTOP signal, but after checking all of our wires, voltages, etc, it's becoming harder to think this is the culprit.


I was wondering if there was any way to manually push data through the buffer, and also if anyone has any experience with their rotary buffer becoming "clogged" so to speak.

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Ron, by now, you have either given up or resplved the problem. I have experience with PMAC on Entec winding machines and others as well. if you need further support feel free to contact me. tim@le-3.net


If you converted to PPMAC you would not need a rotary buffer as the available memory is so large. Your programs would then be loaded into a single buffered program file and run.

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