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I have a GeoBrick Drive and a Wago 750-342 Modbus Field coupler. On the Wago Rack I have 7 4pt Output cards for a total of 28 outputs. Then I have 1 4 pt input card.


My problem is that I have complete control of the outputs, but I cannot find the address that lets me read the inputs.


Below is a copy of Modbus setup saved file. I have added some M Var definitions at the bottom to show what addresses I am using for inputs and outputs.


M5003-M5005 are my outputs that work no problem.

M5006 does not read the inputs.


What address should my inputs be at?


; Device # 0 [Geo Brick Drive] V1.947 11/01/2010: Ethernet Port

; Configuration saved on 07/27/16 at 17:04:51



; Modbus Global socket configuration...







; Global Timers...


; socket 1 commands




;I67 = $10700

;Addr offset = 112



;FC23 Write Modbus Ref = 0

;FC23 Write PMAC Ref = 40

;FC23 Write Count = 2


;FC23 Read Modbus Ref = 2

;FC23 Read PMAC Ref = 42

;FC23 Read Count = 1






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