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16-bit Analog Input


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I have a Power PMAC Clipper which comes with 12-bit analog inputs with -10->+10 V range. I have a sensor that provides a 16-bit analog output with 0-10 V range, which I've connected to 1 of the 12-bit analog inputs on the Clipper. I've having problems with signal noise, which I believe is due to the 12-bit resolution of the analog input. Is there a recommendation to achieve better resolution so I can get the full benefit of the 16-bit analog output?


By the way, I'm validating the accuracy/resolution of the 16-bit analog output by using the serial output on the sensor. Perhaps using the serial output is a better option but not sure how I'd integrate that within PMAC.

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The difference in resolution is not an issue as PMAC only sees a 10V signal at its 12 bit resolution regardless of the sensor's resolution. These analog inputs are typically very clean. Make sure your wiring is shielded twisted pair. Also wire the shield drain at the analog input only.


What is the serial output protocol?

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