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BiSS-C encoder interface failure


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I have a Brick Controller configured with the BiSS-C encoder interface option. This has been working successfully until this morning. Two events occurred this morning prior to observing that the encoders were not reading:

- power cycle of controller

- modify one DAC output to use 'AGND for Phase A' instead of 'DAC A-'


When this system was working, the encoders would initialize to their power-on position, and I would see the counts changing in response to ambient vibration. Now after a power-on or $$$ reset, all encoder channels read zero.


The encoders are Renishaw Resolute. Encoder power is being supplied by the Brick Controller. The status LEDs on the encoders look OK.


Are there any diagnostics I can run on the BiSS-C interface board?

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Cancel this request. I found the problem.


The BiSS global and channel control registers had been assigned to certain M variables. This M variable assignment was changed recently to resolve a clash in the M-variable assignments. The effect did not become apparent until the power cycle of the Brick Controller.


This leads me to another question: are there any standard or recommended M-variable assignments for absolute encoder control and data registers?

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