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Turbo PMAC2. Target Position


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I've read some of the other threads about reading the target position - including distance to go calculations.


It appears I don't understand where the Target Position from the command line is stored.


If you issue #1j=1000 the motor happily moves to its final destination and I can see the actual and demand positions (M161->D:$000088 , M162->D:$00008B)

ramping to position as expected.


The Target Position (M163->D:$0000C7) remains resolutely at zero. Hmmm

(I'm being verbose as I've read the manual many times and cannot find an address to assign although lots of 'other' possibilities including C.S set points and the Communication buffers - so far more trouble than they are worth)


If I tackle it the other way around.

M163 = 1024000 ; (Target Position =1000 suitably scaled) and then..


the motor ends up where I expect. (but we don't all wish to do that)


Does Target Position only work this way?


You could say '"You know the target position as you typed it in using #1j=xxxxx"

But that's the point - I didn't. I would like to write a 'Sanity Check' PLC that flags typos by operators to avoid the motor axis hitting something that should be out of the way BEFORE it reaches the safety measures (software / hardware limits etc).





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