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Acc14E not reading bits correctly


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I have two Power PMACs. Both have Acc14E cards reading a bunch of bits. Both were working fine, but one just started experience ethernet port issues. So I swapped out the CPU board with a replacement. The ethernet port now comes up fine. I put the same firmware as the old CPU, and I loaded the same configuration. However, how my background process (same exact one as before) reads the bits from the Acc14E, they're all zero. I'll not that I didn't change anything with the Acc14E and that I only swapped the CPU board. The firmware, configuration and background programs should all be the same.


I've added my cplc that reads the Acc14E pins for reference. This file remained untouched.


Does anyone have any insight what my issue might be?


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Thanks Steve.


Sys.CardIOAutoDetect = $2 is the result, but I don't know exactly what that means in terms of if the PMAC is detecting the Acc14E card.


Is there a place I can look to to find examples for how to use the command line to inquiry the bits? In my CPLC code, I use


pGateIO = GetGateIOMemPtr(1)

pGateIO->DataReg[2] = CPLD_DATE_ADDR;

nanosleep(&delay, &remaining);

CPLD_DATE_REG = (pGateIO->DataReg[1] & 0x0000FF00) | ((pGateIO->DataReg[0] >> 8) & 0x000000FF);


However, I'm not sure how the "1"in the first line is arrived at. Also I'm not sure where the "2" is arrived at in the second line. Then I'm not sure where the "1" is arrived at in the fourth line.


I've looked through the software manual and users manual and I'm having trouble putting the pieces together.


Would someone be so kind to explain? I'm trying to figure out where the "knobs" are.

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