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Confusing error #20 ILLEGAL CMD


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Anyone have an idea of the meaning of the following? I have not downloaded this branch of code for a while so there have been numerous changes.


"C:\ABD\SPMMPowerPMAC_trunk\Phase2\Phase2\PMAC Script Language\Libraries\setup motors.pmc(1,1) : Error : ( error #20) ILLEGAL CMD : open subprog 100020,9,31"


The actual line is "open subprog SetupMotors(void)"


It is in a library which hasn't changed for ages.


I am guessing the actual error is earlier in the script code.


I will start the rollback of all my changes I suppose...

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Got it!


Some editor had managed to get the UTF-8 BOM at the start of the file. I think it converted some ² in the (I guess 1252) ANSI codepage in a comment to the UTF-8 encoding of a different code point.


I found


// Abort deceleration (8 motor units/msec�)


in the file. SVN reported no differences so very hard to track down. Found the "EF BB BF" in a hex editor.


The VS shell seemed to be very stubborn about saving without the BOM even after the file was cleared of bad characters.


Is it the ppmac parser that is not coping with BOMs?

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