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Power PMAC manual


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Hi, All


I was trying to follow the discussion thread related to finding the Power PMAC manual/s, but failed to navigate myself.


We recently order a Power PMAC with the following specifications.


Part #: PBC4-G21-000-A000000


4 Axes Power Brick Controller

800MHz EP460EX CPU


1 GB Flash/SD-Card

No Additional Ethernet/EtherCAT option

Axes 1-4 True 16-bit DAC - 4 Encoder and Flag Inputs with 32/16 Digital I/O

No Analog Feedback Interface

No Special Serial Feedback

CONKIT-P-1C-A -> Included


Below is my question.


I would like to know what is the maximum clock frequency of encoder signals this PMAC can handle? If you could point me to the manual and where in the manual I can find this information that would be very helpful.


Chanaka De Silva

NSLSII controls

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