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System Setup in cloned/modified IDE solutions


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Hi all,

PPMAC's IDE offers the "system setup" tool to configure motors and ethercat.


I configured and deployed the first machine and wanted to use the same project (actually a copy of it) to deploy a second identical machine.

This second machine is in the same network of the first so it has a different IP address.

Using the IDE on the second machine the system setup shows no motors configured.

Downloading a configuration file from the first machine allows to have a working machine but if you need to change something you're in trouble.


Now I'm at the third machine, that needs a substantial rework in the motors order.


Incidentally I discovered that if I assign to the new PPMAC the IP address of the machine the project was created with ... the System setup pops up again with all the motors populated.


This way things could work but I was wondering if there is a better way to be able to change the motors configuration.




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Did you ever find a solution to this? I have a similar problem -- Copying a project to a new development machine, and the System Setup tool is empty as well (yet the IP address did not change in my case).


It would be good to understand where and how this System Setup information is stored.




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This is stored in the System Setup database on the computer. You can export/import your motor setup from the "Database" menu.


You can export all user entered data:

1. Custom Motor data

2. Custom Amplifier data

3. Motor setup data


You can include the exported files into the project's "Documentation" folder. When the project is "transported to a different computer you can then import these in to the database.

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