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DMU 60 P Retrofit


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Hello all,


I am considering replacing my old and problematic Millplus controller to a new one, Delta Tau seems to offer everything which is necessary.


The machine is a DMU 60 P from 1999 with Simodrive 611 drives et 1FT6 motors plus Heidenhain rules.

These are operating well and I would like to keep them, in this case which hardware should I chose from Delta Tau to replace the millplus?





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Hello Francois,


The main thing is that I am not sure about the interface for those drives, but one of our CNC guys will be able to look into this next week. I suggest sending an email to Support@DeltaTau.com with any extra information you can provide, such as including I/O requirements.


There will be questions regarding getting integrator assistance, and how much, based on your Delta Tau experience and on how much you want to learn or get training.

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