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MOVETIME M-variable memory location


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Use the suggested M-variable definitions for the "Coordinate System Timers"

Coordinate System 1 (&1) Timers

M5111->X:$002015,0,24,S ; &1 Isx11 timer (for synchronous assignment)

M5112->Y:$002015,0,24,S ; &1 Isx12 timer (for synchronous assignment)


Coordinate System 2 (&2) Timers

M5211->X:$002115,0,24,S ; &2 Isx11 timer (for synchronous assignment)

M5212->Y:$002115,0,24,S ; &2 Isx12 timer (for synchronous assignment)


. . .


This starts on page 665 in the Turbo SRM:


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