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Addressing GPIO on ACC65E in a PowerPMAC


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I have a PowerPMAC with an ACC65-E card installed. I would like to be able to read/write from/to the individual GPIO pins from a plc program.


Reading the PowerPMAC Software Reference Manual, my understanding is that I need to do the following:


1. Query cid[0].num to cid[63].num looking for the card ID of the ACC65

2. Once I know which cid[x] address it is on, look up the gate address on the Card ID Status Element table on pg 654 of the manual

3. Once I know the gate address, query or write to the datareg to read/write to the GPIO pins eg GateIo[0].DataReg[0] = 1


• Is this correct?

• Is there an easy way of querying all 64 cid addresses rather than having to do it individually?

• Is there a table which lists what cards have what ID numbers? Cid[12].num returns 3575, is that my accessory card?


Thanks for any help,



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Note that to access a bit associated with an individual pin, you can use the format




where z = 0 to 7 for the 8 bits in the register.


For example, to access pin 12 of the input connector, you would use:




In your PPMAC project you can assign this a meaningful variable name. e.g.:


ptr InterlockSwitch->acc65e[0].datareg[1].3

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