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Using PowerPmacConfigLoad folder


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Greetings, all...


We would like to use the USB stick/PowerPmacConfigLoad folder technique to allow users to update PowerPmac software in the field. This works nicely as advertised. However, we'd like to leave a couple motor settings *undisturbed* during the process.


We did the following:


Verified that using the flash drive with PowerPmacConfigLoad folder works as advertised. (worked fine)


Then, I edited the following two lines out of pp_custom_save.cfg (on the flash drive)


Motor[1].HomeOffset = 1234.01

Motor[2].HomeOffset = 3456.01


Re-inserted flash drive to PowerPmac…+ reboot

Now….after boot, we were hoping to see the two home offset values which were previously “saved” by user plc executing cmd “fsave” and the associated pp_custom_save.tpl file which looks like:


backup motor[1].servo

backup motor[2].servo





But…it didn’t work… instead, it seemed to use the last value which was written when we saved during IDE session with the terminal window.


Anyone know the right way to accomplish this??


Thanks !!

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