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Position Compare auto increment across Phase Capture 0


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I have a motor with a very precise encoder, which makes Phase Capture wrap around every ~18 degrees of its rotation.


I want to use Position Compare on this axis and be able to trigger every degree, for example, but for runs that can be longer than 18 degrees. However, when using the Auto Increment function, it apparently gets the IC confused at PhaseCapt=0 (see plot).


Is there a way to work around it? I thought maybe I could do the Auto Increment work in the CaptCompISR, but maybe there is a better way.




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Bruno, I will post an application note shortly about this. Meanwhile, let me work with you offline to get this going. Let me know if and when you can let me Teamviewer into your system.


Richard, I couldn't find any application note regarding this issue.

Could you please point me to the right one?

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