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Power Brick AC Firmware version clarification


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TLDR: There are two versions of firmware on the file depot.

Which should I use for a 4 axis Power Brick AC?



The IDE version's gather function fails when used with a Power Brick AC running firmware It posts a waring about a legacy mode, then hangs when trying to upload the gather to the IDE.


Cutting the gordian knot for that problem would be to update the Power Brick AC's firmware. The file depot has two variants of the firmware listed:

1) " powerpmac460ex"


2) " powerpmac465"


Which of these should I use?

It is imperative that I do not brick the Power Brick AC.



Austin Kootz

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(don't cut it)


The Power Brick uses firmware with the 460EX name in it. Upgrade to first.


The firmware upgrade will fix the gather issue.


The issue has not yet been resolved.

Both the IDE and the Power Brick AC have been incrementally upgraded to:


Power Brick AC:


The Plot window has the "Gather Data" and "Upload Data" buttons greyed out.

When "Selected Preset" has a name entered, (I'm using "CryoNIRSPTest") and the "Save" button is clicked, the following error message is returned:


"Read Gather Data Failed. Likely mismatch between Plot and Gather Settings. Regather Data"


Then switching to Legacy Mode:

The "Gather Data" button activates, and can be clicked. The green bar fills over what appears to be the correct amount of time (~10 seconds for our settings). HOWEVER, when the "Upload Data" button is clicked, the screen appears to hang with the windows 7 busy circle spinning. The hang has lasted as long as I've left it, beyond 2 hours at one point.


The GatherFile.txt file exists in /var/ftp/gather/ and it appears to contain the data listed in the window under "Step 2 - Data To Sample"


Is this a known issue? If so, how should I fix it? We are beginning our Factory Acceptance Test process for three sets of these instruments, and this is about to start slipping our schedule's critical path. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated, and I'll be emailing this to you directly to make sure we can talk with minimal delay.



p.s. The Scope which functioned prior to the update has stopped working as well. I'm assuming the issues are related, and the scope is less important than the Plot tool.

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