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Power PMAC 8 axes license


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We have recently bought Power PMAC CPU 465 along with relevant UMAC accessories for a particular application with 8 axes license.

Now, i wish to know whether 8 axes license is enough or we need to go to 16 axes license.


For that i m listing the basic requirement of the application -

1. Controlled axes - 4 Nos.

2. Handwheels connected as incremental encoder feedback to ACC24E2A - 4 Nos.

3. EtherCAT based absolute encoders - 2 Nos.

4. virtual axes for User Written Servos - 2 Nos.

5. Virtual fantom axes - 2 Nos.


I am not sure whether we need extra license for virtual axes as for controlled axes or not.


Kindly confirm.


If we do need to go for 16 axes license from 8 axes license how do we go about it?

Do we need to re-send the CPU back to US or is it possible by downloading firmware in the CPU kind of activity is enough?


Please reply ASAP.

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the license you mentioned in previous post is EtherCAT license, correct?

In an UMAC rack, you can put many axis cards, like Acc24E2As, if you have enough slots.

There is no license related to these axes.


The license is usually for EtherCAT drives.

If you have an 8-axis license, then you can connect up to 8 EtherCAT drives.


PMAC can control EtherCAT drives and other axes through axis cards at the same time.

total number of axes can go up to 256.

So, the question to you would be, will you use more than 8 EtherCAT drives?

if not, then 8-axis license should be enough for you.

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We are having 4 EtherCAT drives and 2 EtherCAT encoders.

So, I guess 8 axes license should be OK.

Virtual axes for User Servo and fantom axes should not matter, isnt' it?


Thanks a lot.



EtherCAT encoders are just I/Os, so those do not count for EtherCAT axes.

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