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Build errors in capp1.c [ethernetip. & eip.h]


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With a clean install of Power PMAC IDE and a new "empty" project, there are build errors thrown for the background C program "capp1.c". These errors are linked to the following "#ifndef" in "gplib.h":


#if !defined(__QNX__) && !defined(WIN32)


#include "eip.h"

#include "ethernetip.h"

#include "networkhandler.h"



These includes (ethernetip/eip) did not exist in the IDE version 1.6 we had been previously using, so we don't have immediate need for them.


We will likely remove these includes to get around the errors, but maybe there are better suggestions?





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Is there a single place where all of the versions and patches and everything are listed? Seems like the website and file depot aren't consistently updated. Is there any announcement I'm missing for releases like this patch?
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On the website, I was going to PowerPmac -> Software -> PowerPMAC IDE -> Download, which only shows the IDE version. Had to hunt around and finally found the page below which has some of what I'm looking for. At least IDE "January patch" is there. I see some firmware version announcements but not



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