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IXX26 is set to a value greater than 8388608


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one solution would be jogging the motor to a position you would like to be HOME position, and issue HMZ command at that position.

this requires a PLC to handle the logic.

Basically this PLC will do Home Offset manually with HMZ command.

but you have to make sure the tuning of the motor is solid, so you can get in position within the tolerance.

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another solution for this is to do jog until trigger.

and in jog until trigger move, the post trigger move is not limited by 2^24 number.

let's assume that your home flag is in the negative direction, and home offset is 10,000,000

In a PLC, you can send a command #1j=-9000000000^10000000

so basically this will send motor 1 to negative direction, and after hitting a trigger, it will come back to position 10,000,000

of course in the PLC you need to monitor motor in-position bit and velocity-zero bit to make sure that the motor is at position.

and then you can do HMZ.

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