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homing search move


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Trying to get a homing search move to work for an incremental encoder.


I have Motor[2].HomeOffset=0. I run #2home, it does the homing search. It's set to capture on the Home flag, which works, and the Motor[2].HomeInProgress changes to HomeComplete.


However, when this happens, the motor position gets set to -5,000,000ish counts and it tries to post-trigger-move to position 0, which is outside of travel.


What am I doing wrong that when it sees the home flag, the position gets set to a non-zero value? I have a 2nd identical motor configured exactly the same which works as expected - the position at the home flag gets set as the 0 point and it stops moving.

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The motor position shown in the position watch window jumps to that count. I can j=-5,000,000 and it will jog to that spot where it finds the home flag.


After powering on today, the position that it picks up at the home flag is now -12,000,000ish instead of -5,000,000ish, at the same physical location.


Nothing running at all except me typing #2home in the terminal.

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Screenshot is attached, and a listing of backup Motor[2], backup EncTable[2], and gate3[0].chan[1]. I can't see anything different between motors 2 and 3.


Did #2home, then stopped it with #2jog/ after I saw HomeComplete to keep it from running into the hard stop when it tries to post-trigger-move to 0. The position shown is where I expect 0 to be.


Then did #3home, and it stopped happily at 0 at the home flag as expected.


No kinematics, just have #2->100000y



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