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Cloning a power PMAC application


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Hi All,


The project that I am involved with requires cloning an existing Power PMAC code. I am a Turbo PMAC user (NSLSII GEO_BRICK) and am new to Power PMAC. I went over the documentation and was able to connect and add the existing project code successfully. I was also able to successfully build the code as well. Also I would like to note that the IDE version that I am using required me to migrate the code, which I was able to do successfully (please refer to the attached screen shots).


1. As a first step I simply tried building the code. That went successfully.

2. I then tried build and downloading the code. I am getting an error; ( error #70)


Please find the attached PDF file where I have copy paste the relevant output messages. Afterwards I tried going over the software reference manual, but, did not succeed.


Some more detail about the system.


I am trying to use the POWER PMAC (model information is attached) to drive a servo motor using it's driver. The source code that I am trying to clone it from have the exact same driver+motor combination. And there are some differences which I would like to note below.


a. Existing project uses a Power UMAC instead of a Power PMAC. This should not be a significant difference.


b. Differences between control signal I/O and limits


Existing project: AMP3 ; New project: AMP1

Existing project: ENC4 ; New project: ENC1

Existing project: GPIO on J7 ; New project: GPIO on X15

Existing project: Limits on J4 ; New project: Limits on X13


I have also attached a ZIP file of the project code for your reference. I appreciate your help in getting this going.


Thank you,


Chanaka De Silva

NSLSII controls group






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Hi All,


I was able to find a possible culprit for the error. The UMAC that has been used in the existing project has modules inserted, whereas Power brick does not. I herewith attach a picture of the UMAC controller. I would assume the processors are the same. I am going to try making the appropriate changes and see how it goes.


Thank you,



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Dear Chanaka,


Your project got an error on this line:



The line should work on all hardware if you change it to:



Gate3 can be replaced by a hardware specific alias.

On a Power Brick the alias would be PowerBrick.

On a UMAC the Gate3 chip is on the accessory 24E3 so the alias is Acc24E3.




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Thank you Eric. I was able to get pass that error. I am now getting the proper encoder feedback from the external Nikki Denso driver. I am still working on getting the SERVO motor JOG going. I will get back to the thread if I come across any further concerns.




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