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Sharing pre-compiled code to third parties for later inclusion on their projects


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Is it possible to prepare our code (pre-compiled) to give our customer so that they can include it on their project, but our code should be unreadable to them? Or the other way round, our customer give us their pre-compiled code...

I guess should be something similar to a library that could be linked later on by the building process, but what I don't see clear is the way of both parties have the possibility to do C programs on the many flavors of priority levels and features of the ppmac (Phase/Servo, RTI, etc). Until which level would that be possible right now?


I have read some of the threads in the forum but it is not clear to me what possibilities are at the moment for the present IDE or is it only possible on a out-of IDE make file way?

This are some of the links I've read:







many thanks for your support

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Unsure of how to do this via IDE.


I don't think there is an easy way to do this, but it wouldn't be too bad to compile your shared library for each Power PMAC platform (there are only a handful). If you are comfortable with a custom makefile, you could write one that will automatically compile for all targets each time you compile. Then you can provide the compiled files to your customers along with an API and they can link against these libraries when they compile.


Although I am not sure if that is what you mean by "unreadable". A lot of implementation details can still be dumped from a compiled binary, but it will be in assembly (unless they're using a fancy reverse engineering tool).

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