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DAC output setting


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Dear All,


I am using the product PBC4-G21-000-A000000 to drive a SERVO motor via an external driver. The driver requires Single Ended DAC output wiring. I am facing the problem that my motor only moves in one direction. I checked the DAC output and figured that it only outputs positive voltages. I am probably missing something in the motor setup. Can I get some input on how to debug/fix this issue?


Thank you,


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Hi All,


I did few checks and found few issues.


1. Incremental encoder count sign is swapped between the external driver and Power PMAC position read back. I fixed this by swapping the phases. I found the relevant software fix for this. However, for now, I fixed the issue by swapping the cabling.


2. I then tried OPEN LOOP commands.


- #1out1 : This gave me a full -10V output

- #1out-4 : This gives me the full +10V output


Now I need to swap the polarity and fix the scaling such that #1out100 should give me a +10V and vice-versa.


I believe this polarity issue is affecting my JOG. Can someone point me to the functions to accomplish those (polarity + scale) changes?




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