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check if program exists


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Say I have a bunch of programs which all get loaded through gpascii. They all have numbers #defined, such as #define progMeasurePart 100 or #define progDrillPart 101.


Is there a way to check if these are loaded/exist in PMAC by number?


The only way I can figure out is checking if (prog[n].Number==progMeasurePart). However, then I have to loop through from prog[0] up to an unknown number of programs that might exist until I find or don't find the one that matches the number I want. This structure is also not documented.

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I think the easiest way to do this is to try to list the first line of the program. For example:


list prog 100,1


might return:


0:linear inc


but for a non-existent program


list prog 173,1


would return:


stdin:19:1: error #22: PROGRAM NOT IN BUFFER: list prog 173,1

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