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pthreads and IDE and CK3E controller


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I've recently upgraded the IDE to with the patch and got a sample application running through the IDE's default project using the CK3E as a target CPU. I then took the makefile and adapted it to work with my application (i.e. not using the IDE). My application makes frequent use of threads and I was getting a linker error that it couldn't find libpthread.so and that I should include it explicitly in the commandline.


If my google searching is correct it seems to have something to do with a newer behaviour of the linker [ld] not automatically including shared object dependencies by default and that you should pass them to the linker commandline going forward.


I ended up passing




in the linker options and it compiled fine.


I know the makefile does alot of wrapping of thread functions to handle the xenomai magic and want to make sure I'm not going to get hosed down the road. I haven't had time to run the application just yet but I will give that a shot tommorrow morning.





NOTE: This Modification seems to work in all the testing I've done since the original post.

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