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I'm trying to use the PMACTerminalGather for one of my applications. I have uploaded some files in the following link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dy7837bgrj6sqlu/AAD0IjPahdUffNQAnTHP5Pc4a?dl=0


I used PMACTerminalEdit to create SubVIs (VI wrapper) for the LVX1 and LVUA1 programs. I have uploaded the VIs and related PMC files.


I'm facing a couple of issues:

1. The block diagram shows grey question marks for PMACGatherStep.VI. There's a "VI is not loadable" error when I open the VI. Uploaded screenshots of the error messages int he above link.


2. I removed the PMACGatherStep part from PMACTerminalGather and tried to replace the SubVI with the custom SubVI created for either of the programs. The modified VI is named PMACEncoderTurtle.


When I run the VI, the Program Run and Gather indicators turn on but my program does not execute. Based on the PMACPanelPro2 User Manual that I'm referring to (uploaded as well), the program should work when replaced with a custom created SubVI.


I'm not sure if I am doing something wrong or missing something. Any help to resolve this issue will be great.


Thank you!

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