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Does anyone know how the Capp->Properties->Native Compile Options->Linker Options actually works?


I understand the theory and I can use it successfully in a simple use case. But I need the following:




to go to the makefile directly as this:




However it gets parsed or something and ends up as




I have tried all sorts of clever things but it looks like some makefile variable expansion is done.


Basically the actual issue is I need to link a different .a file depending on the target architecture, so if anyone knows a clever way to do this please let me know! (I have also tried custom makefiles but can't figure out how to detect the architecture - it is spliced in the auto generated DT ones but not custom ones).





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I've resorted to doing my own makefiles starting with the DT generated one. I've written an in house library that compiles to a static library "mylib.a" type of file and other projects link to this. The thing that stinks is that I have to connect to a PPMAC of the same architecture and build a dummy project before I execute a make operation. So far this is easier than creating my own build environment on my filesystem but at some point that may be more attractive.
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