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Do you have any plan to write a book?


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Dear sir,

Do you have any plan to write a book about how to tune pmac in practice?

PMAC's user manual is very good, but how to tune it in practice is still a big challenge, such as how to choose the right encoder resolution, how to set the right servo clock in different application, how to tune the PID, how to set notch filter, how to tune adaptive control, how to tune gantry, etc, and the base knowledge that we have to master...

I think a lot of people would need this book, you can even make it a PMAC order option, and others may even use it like a textbook, like MS Office's textbook, it could even promote PMAC' sales.


If you do not have this plan, do you have any suggestion which book to read, in a more practical manner, not only full of theory.


Thank you very much!


Your sincerely,


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Thank you Richard, thank you Gregs, thank you for your documents.

I know write a book consumes a lot of time, even write a good document is not that easy.

May be you should learn from Microsoft's video course: Channel 9. Whenever it is suitable, you can record your tuning process, after come back to the company, you can edit this video by adding some explanation, and publish this video to youtube, with some brief introduction, like "tuning a high precision equipment with air bearing", "tuning a equipment with ball screw", then everybody will watch the according video mostly suitable for their own application. Your expertise is the most valuable thing for us.

Make a video course maybe more easy and more efficient than write a book, isn't?



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