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Assigning Variables to Bits of a Word


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I have a variable (P4100) that I need to read the bits of and assign to variables. I was thinking it would work like this:


//Digital Inputs

PTR Input01->P4100.0.0;

PTR Input02->P4100.0.1;

PTR Input03->P4100.0.2;

PTR Input04->P4100.0.3;


However clearly this is not the correct approach, how would one do this correctly.


By the way the Inputs are read from a ModbusTCP variable into the local P-Variables like so:


cmd"ModbusRegisterRead 0,0,4,P4100"


Which is why i am not simply addressing the corresponding I/O card Addresses.

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PMAC P-variables are floating-point variables, so the locations of individual bit values "float" (are not fixed), and you cannot assign pointer variables to individual bits.


First, you will want to define fixed-point M-variables to user buffer registers. For example:


M4100->u.user:4096; // Sys.udata[1024]

M4101->u.user:4100; // Sys.udata[1025]

M4102->u.user:4104; // Sys.udata[1026]

M4103->u.user:4108; // Sys.udata[1027]


Then you can use:


cmd"ModbusRegisterRead 0,0,4,M4100"


Now, you can define other M-variables to individual bits of these fixed-point registers.


ptr Input01->u.user:4096.0.1; // Bit 0 of Sys.udata[1024]

ptr Input02->u.user:4096.1.1; // Bit 1 of Sys.udata[1024]

ptr Input03->u.user:4096.2.1; // Bit 2 of Sys.udata[1024]

ptr Input04->u.user:4096.3.1; // Bit 3 of Sys.udata[1024]


Note that the starting bit number comes before the bit width in these definitions.

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"Why did you choose u.user:4096 as your starting point?"


No particular reason. I just did not want to imply that you had to start at offset 0, and many people use lower locations for other purposes.


Registers in the user buffer can have M-variable pointers assigned easily to individual bits. This provided the closest working alternative to what you provided.

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