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CamTable saved setup elements are not saved


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It might be something obvious, but I can't seem to get the cam table setup elements to save using the save command (manual entry, not using cam sculptor tool).


I have written to the cam table saved setup elements for tables 0 & 1 and then issued a "save" command followed by $$$, and every time all parameters are reset to default. These parameters are not write protected as far as I know, and I have nothing overwriting the parameters elsewhere in the project.


I have checked "pp_save.cfg" and there are no elements listed for cam tables, which explains why they are not saved, but opens the question as to why the elements are not listed.


Any suggestions would be great!



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It seems as though this is a firmware issue. In the meantime, if you set up your CamTable in a header file, then build and download, your CamTable should be saved.


To quickly get a CamTable out of the PMAC (so you can put it into the header file), you can issue "backup CamTable[1].", which will return all of the elements of the table so you can copy them to your header.

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Same issue, fw on a 465 UMAC CPU

I have a procedure that populates cams from 1 to 4 on request, but even if I save as soon as I make a $$$ camtable[n].posdata returns to "nan"

So what should be a "saved data structure element" isn't being saved.


Any ideas why?

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Yes, it's a firmware issue. Currently, the CamTable structure is not being saved, though it should have been. This will be fixed in the next firmware version.


It should be noted that if your CamTable is in a header file in your project (in the Global Includes folder), then it should be loaded on power up, so the fact that it is not "saved" will not affect anything, and as a matter of "best practices", that is generally how we would recommend storing it anyways.


That said, in the meantime, if you add "backup CamTable[0].." to your "pp_custom_save.tpl", then do a build and download, you should now be able to save the CamTables. The data will show up in "pp_custom_save.cfg" rather than "pp_save.cfg", but functionally this should not matter for the vast majority of users. This is a workaround, but it should function identically in almost all cases.

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Actually I am using the backup function to verify if the cam has been correctly written.

Since I have a procedure that allows me to generate a cam via a 5th grade polynomial given the key points I just added a call to this procedure at startup, but since some of the cams never change I thought I could get away just saving them.


The confusing thing is that the manual states "saved data structure elements" while they actually are not saved

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