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I've just migrated to this new version of the IDE and noticed that it doesn't seem to store changes that I've made to the contents of the watch window after I've shut the IDE down. The changes are lost when I restart and the watch window is reverted to its original state. Is there something that I need to do to save these - or is it a bug?


Another annoyance is that the IDE does not remember its position and size after closing down. I use it spread across 2 screens but it always starts up filling just one screen.


The earlier IDE was fine on both of these counts.



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Just to clarify this, the IDE version is, and I'm closing it down using the X in the top right of the screen. It isn't a crash.


Another issue is that the intellisense only seems to work for pointers and locals - it doesn't spot global vars. It worked on the older IDE.


Is something not configured correctly on my system?

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Running as administrator seems to fix the watch window issue, but it makes no difference to the screen size and position being lost or to the inability of the intillisense to recognise global variables.


I am using Windows 7 - does this have any bearing on this all?

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